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New York Valley Wagyu

Truly one of New York's most iconic smash burger aficionados , always beyond a pleasure working with Mike and his team.

Stephen Werther

Owner of Suprema Provisions

Having our Suprema burger reviewed by Mike Puma and his Gotham Burger Social Club ,and rated as the top rated burger in NYC, has driven well over $1 million in revenue into our restaurant and been instrumental in our success as a restaurant.

Chef Josh Capon

6 time Wine and Food Festival Burger Bash Winner

Michael Puma has not only created something very special with the Gotham Burger Social Club, he has used his platform to support and highlight so many restaurants and chefs , especially during the pandemic. He continues to shine a positive light on restaurants in so many ways and Is not just a great guy, a burger aficionado, a burger maker but most importantly a class act!!! -

Angie Mar

Chef | Proprietor - Les Trois Chevaux - The Beatrice Inn

When I first took over the kitchen at the Beatrice, Mike and Gotham Burgers Social Club were among the first to come support the new vision. Throughout the years they, and especially Mike have been fixtures of the community that we’ve built, and ardent supporters. We are always thrilled to have them in our dining room.